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  • Berry Family, please come Home.
    April 18th-21st, 2013

When: April 18-21st, 2013
Where: Rome, GA – Berry College

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A Reunion of the Legacy of Our Forefathers

With pride and humility, may we come together as a family descended from James Enfield Berry and his forefathers.

May we come together to celebrate our families’ accomplishments, while paying homage to those that have gone before us. May our reunion be a celebration of life today, a memorial for those from the past, and a family bond for the future.

Captain Thomas Berry, son of James Enfield Berry, was the first of our family to move to Rome, Georgia. His home became known as Oak Hill, and that is our Berry ancestral home place. Willed to Berry College by his daughter, Martha McChesney Berry, Oak Hill is now part of Historic Berry and a Landmark of the South.

Berry College will proudly open our ancestral home and its lush campus for our Berry Family Reunion.

Welcome Home, Berry Family Members.